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Fantasy Thoughts #Rhyme #Unapologetic

H y p n o t i z i n g
The way she’s curved
All dips, and grooves
A body so hard
Yet, skin so smooth-
S p e e c h l e s s
The way she moves
Gliding over my being
Hesitant, she is not
Her touch leaves me reeling-
E l e c t r i c i t y
Pulses of foreign energy
A body quivers, intensely
Drowning in new vibrations
A tide ebbs and flows, relentlessly-
T i g h t r o p e
Seamlessly, she leads me
Into a tango upon life’s edge
Gasping beneath her finger’s waltz
Passion’s forever pledge-
G o d d e s s
Aphrodite in the flesh
I’m consumed by ethereal desire
Offering up my wanton soul
Two bodies ignite into a raging fire-
B r e a t h l e s s
Her lips assault my own
A succubus of intimate sins
Breathing in her essence
My unraveling begins-

©️Unapologetically Me


Exposed: A Glimpse into my Reality…

Friends/Family/Significant Other: “You should open up to us. Communicate. I’m here to listen. It might help.”

Me: *Opens up, falls to pieces, starts trying to explain my anxiety, and my feelings. Explaining how I know I need to talk to someone, and that’s what I’m trying to get lined up, but until then, I just need some semblance of comfort, and normalcy. I need to feel loved, and worthy, because my brain, and my heart, love to tell me that I’m not good enough. That I’ll never be loved. That it’s too late for your happy ending. Crying out to my higher power, every night, begging for some sign, some type of goodness, some memory of who I used to be, before my spirit and soul were crushed.*

Friends: “Maybe you should get therapy.” 😳

Family: “Just pray about it, sweetie.”

Significant Other: “You need to get out of your head. You overthink too fucking much. You’re crying for literally no reason, like, just try to chill. “You should smoke weed. It’ll help.” (I rarely even drink. Never liked smoking weed. Don’t care who does, it isn’t for me. He knows that. After almost 7 fucking years, HE KNOWS THAT.)

Me: 😳🥺 Never again. Truly, and utterly alone. Fuck.


My Aphrodite #FreeVerse #Unapologetic

Her touch reigned me in,
she held full control.
As the moon enthralls the waves,
she slowly consumed me.
I would rise,
her grip intensely firm.
Heat rushing through my veins,
raging like a forest on fire.
Her breath teased my ear,
she knew what my body needed.
I could feel her lips curve,
smirking, as she slowed the pace.
Frustration left my lips,
caught up in my own hunger.
She knew what she was doing,
she had me where she wanted me.
Soothing my indifference,
her lips captured mine on a moan.
Our tongues intertwined,
entangled within our desire.
She rocked against my core,
her own passion overwhelming.
I shattered,
falling to pieces.
Cocooned beneath her body,
my curves against her own.
She was my missing piece,
my puzzle had been solved.

©️Unapologetically Me

Who is Me? #FreeVerse #Unapologetic

Like the rain
when it falls
My emotions cascade
Rivulets of feeling
Wading throughout
Am I confused?
My thoughts disperse
Electric bolts, flash
Every different direction
Yet, my chaos
remains unorganized
Apparitions appear
Which will guide me?
Protect my path?
Protect me?

©️Unapologetically Me

Revealed #Rhyme #Unapologetic

Raw despair is growing
Like grass after a Spring rain
Building up, relentlessly
Soon, I will be slain
My pain will be revealed
For all the world to see
Without even my words
My angst will break through me
Against my Will, I’ll cry
Desperate to be cocooned
Hiding my state of weakness
Runes of fire will consume
My spirit will be shredded
Each scab will be ripped off
Successfully, I will be broken
But, no longer will I be lost

©️Unapologetically Me

Every Part of Me, is Mine #Rhyme #Unapologetic

My character is NOT defined
by the clothes I choose to wear.
I am not inviting you to touch
if the skin of me is bare.
I dress in what makes me happy
I don’t dress to impress another.
No part of me is an invitation
for your hands to reach, and plunder.
No one owns my body,
it’s mine, and mine alone.
As a woman, I am not here
as some possession you think you own.
NO ONE should feel entitled
to absolutely ANY part of me.
No means no, no matter what,
I shouldn’t fear being free.
If I don’t want to be intimate
that is me saying ‘No.’
Your suspicions after refusal
should never have played a role.
A woman doesn’t walk this Earth
for the species of the male.
We are NOT your personal property.
Keep your fucking hands to yourself.

©️Unapologetically Me

Confidence #FreeVerse #Unapologetic

What does that feel like?
To be confident…
able to embrace my flaws?
To look, lovingly, at the extra cushion
Eyes proud of my stretch marks
A fan of the way my hips protrude
Gentle with my stomach pooch
How do I see myself
through the eyes of another?
How can I plant, firmly,
such grace into my mind?
I just want to see my worth
I just want to truly love me.
To embrace the curves that make me
the way that my words made this poem.

©️Unapologetically Me