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Fantasy Thoughts #Rhyme #Unapologetic

H y p n o t i z i n g
The way she’s curved
All dips, and grooves
A body so hard
Yet, skin so smooth-
S p e e c h l e s s
The way she moves
Gliding over my being
Hesitant, she is not
Her touch leaves me reeling-
E l e c t r i c i t y
Pulses of foreign energy
A body quivers, intensely
Drowning in new vibrations
A tide ebbs and flows, relentlessly-
T i g h t r o p e
Seamlessly, she leads me
Into a tango upon life’s edge
Gasping beneath her finger’s waltz
Passion’s forever pledge-
G o d d e s s
Aphrodite in the flesh
I’m consumed by ethereal desire
Offering up my wanton soul
Two bodies ignite into a raging fire-
B r e a t h l e s s
Her lips assault my own
A succubus of intimate sins
Breathing in her essence
My unraveling begins-

©️Unapologetically Me


Published by SeekSolaceInWords

😏 You won’t like it, here. It’s dark. 😏 😌I am unapologetically me. Embrace me, or, let me go. 😌

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