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Who is Me? #FreeVerse #Unapologetic

Like the rain when it fallsMy emotions cascade.Rivulets of feelingWading throughoutAm I confused? .My thoughts disperseElectric bolts, flash Every different direction.ShockedZappedStunned.Yet, my chaosremains unorganized Apparitions appear.Which will guide me?Protect my path? Protect me? ©️Unapologetically Me

Feigned Perfection #Rhyme #Unapologetic

My mirror is broken! Or is it my eyes? A toss-up between reality, and disguise. Am I genuinely happy, or blinded by pain? Curse my obsession with perfecting what’s feigned! My mirror is fractured! Hairline, in my reflection. The more that I stare, the more I critique my inspection. A once pristine vision has darkened,Continue reading “Feigned Perfection #Rhyme #Unapologetic”

What Say You… #Rhyme #Unapologetic

What say you? When life causes pain A heart aches, in pieces Shards of lies cause cuts Bleeding from invisible wounds… …What say you? When all hope feels lost Dreams begin to disperse Fatigue sets in, relentlessly Despair is all that lurks… …What say you? When hope begins to flicker A heart’s no longer brokenContinue reading “What Say You… #Rhyme #Unapologetic”