Whispered Moments #Rhyme #Unapologetic

Against the base of her neck
an allegro beat begins
Watch her pupils as they dilate
consumed by desire, within
A whispered, shaking breath
will caress a heated cheek
Fire will sizzle along her spine
her lips will part, but not to speak
Watch as the hair does rise
along an entrapped arm
Your hand a make-shift shackle
your eyes search for any alarm
Warning bells don’t ring
as your gaze travels, slow
Taking in the dips and grooves
her skin flushed with a pinkish glow
You feel it as it happens
she bows beneath your stare
Sweet submission, all-consuming
utterly entranced, and bare

©️Unapologetically Me

They Are. #SpeakEasy #Prose #Unapologetic


Did you know that these people are human beings? Did you know that these people are Americans? Did you know that they have feelings, and emotions, and hopes, and dreams, and goals? Did you know that they have families? Did you know that they’re my family? 

They are Mothers. 
They are Fathers. 
They are Daughters. 
They are Sons. 
They are Sisters. 
They are Brothers. 
They are Aunts. 
They are Uncles. 
The are Nieces. 
They are Nephews. 
They are Granddaughters.
They are Grandsons. 
They are Cousins. 
They are Family, in every way.
They are Friends, in every way.
They are. 

They are struggling to make it in a world built for them to fail, yet a country that was built off of their backs. They are not told “thank you for your service.” Yet, they’ve signed their lives away to protect the people that reside in the country their ancestors built. They are Sweat. They are Blood. They are Tears. They are proud. They are strong. They are real. They exist. 
They are. 

They are someone’s EVERYTHING. They are someone’s role model. They are someone’s super hero. They are someone’s idol. 
They are. 

They are Students. They are Doctors. They are Lawyers. They are CEOs. They are Astronauts. They are Firefighters. They are Police Officers. 
They are. 

They have aspirations. They have plans. They have a real grip on who they are, who, or what, they aspire to be, the changes they want to see in this world, to MAKE in this world. They are here. They are your neighbor, the Good Samaritan down the way. They have successes, and are working towards more successes. 
They are. 

They have someone they are watching grow in this world. They are teaching. They are learning. They are making booboo’s feel better. They are hugging, and loving, and helping to heal a broken heart. They are cooking. They are laughing. They are grateful. They are thankful. The are nursing someone back to health. 
They are. 

How can anyone justify taking away someone’s whole world? How can anyone justify taking away someone that could’ve made a change in this world? How can anyone justify the sleepless nights, the tears, the fear, the defeat, as they have to live in this hate-filled world, every day? How can anyone justify taking life away from someone, simply because of their skin color? 

They are tired. They are drained. They are angry. They are hurt. They are broken. They are still standing. 
They are. 

They are here. They are speaking out. They are FINALLY breaking their silence. They are refusing to be shut down. They are refusing to be stopped. They are MAKING A CHANGE. 
They are. 

They are the Black, and the Brown PEOPLE of America. They are the Black, and the Brown HUMAN BEINGS of America. They are the Black, and the Brown BROTHER’S, and SISTER’S of this country. Treat them as such. 

I am TIRED of seeing “they were; they would/should/could have been.” 

I’m ready to start seeing “they are.” 


because; They Are. 


©️Unapologetically Me

Disproportionate Thoroughfare #Rhyme #Unapologetic

An already wounded heart
flutters in my chest
An onslaught of severe emotions
anxiety, and depression’s, best
A love so deeply felt
nestled beneath my bosom
A lazy smile appears
thoughts so pure, and wholesome
Faster than the speed of sound
misery does appear
A seismic wave of mourning
internal cries pierce my ears
A vortex of desperation
sweeps into my path
A sucker-punch to my sternum
sends my thoughts into my past
Abandonment enters the atmosphere
a sense of forever alone
Unable to see this worth
that so many say we own
Mountainous land of burdens
pursue my serene desires
Causing catastrophic calamity
a spike strip to my tires
Hope traverses the runway
all eyes stare in awe
Just like that, she disappears
forcing me into a crawl
Below the darkness, I move
just trying to stay alive
Rolling to dodge the shadows
as they reach for my demise
The light at the end of the tunnel
seems further, and further away
The path that leads to freedom
grows more fragile every day

©️Unapologetically Me

“I Can’t Breathe!” #Rhyme #Unapologetic

Can you imagine being a Mother
supper’s on the stove
There is a warmth in the air
that chases away the cold
A phone call from a person
Your gut makes a twist
Panic overwhelms your heart
The words you thought you’d never get
“I’m sorry, but your child is gone.”
Each syllable low, and hollow
Internally, you start to scream
Externally, your tears follow
Dead weight leaves you breathless
your vision becomes blurred
Memories of your baby love
leaves you lost for any words
“But, no, it can’t be true
their birthday is coming up!”
“I can’t bury my child before myself.”
“This isn’t how it’s supposed to work!”
Lead is lining my insides
I’m rooted to the floor
Burning sobs rip through my chest
I’m shredded to my core
“Why did they take my baby?!”
“He didn’t deserve to die!“
“She was asleep, in her own bed!”
“Why did they take her life?!”
“Our skin color is permanent!”
“This is how we were born!”
“Why are we being crucified?!”
“Why do they look at us with scorn?”
A system meant to fail us
A world that swallows us whole
Forced to live in fear
In a place that should be home
“I can’t breathe!” He utters, weakly
As the pressure does increase
His teardrops hit the pavement
as he meets his final sleep.

©️Unapologetically Me

The Warriors #Rhyme #Unapologetic

I can’t imagine the exhaustion
ripping through your soul
I can’t fathom the brokenness
sucking you into a hole
I will never be able to count
each tear you’ve let fall
From eyes so melancholy
a spirit broken by a wrecking ball
Back, and forth it swings
one hit after the next
Beating down the innocence
no time for proper reflex
Bloodied, bruised, and shattered
sobbing on the ground
Is it even worth it, anymore
to go another round
So tired your mind has become
yet, restless it remains
Debating your surrender
yet, unable to hide your disdain
Once again, you’re up
this battlefield, your home
Defend it, you have no choice
but you will never fight alone

©️Unapologetically Me

One with the Storms #Rhyme #Unapologetic

Each bolt of lightning
Each rumble of thunder
Revs my pulse higher
My mind starts to wander
Saturating my thoughts
A slideshow begins
Flashes of silhouettes
Glimpses of heated skin
Goosebumps appear
Rain falls against roofs of tin
Drops land, and ricochet
Molten liquid descends
Like waves upon the shores
Emotions crash into me
Taking away my breath
A spirit set free

©️Unapologetically Me

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