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The Warriors #Rhyme #Unapologetic

I can’t imagine the exhaustion
ripping through your soul
I can’t fathom the brokenness
sucking you into a hole
I will never be able to count
each tear you’ve let fall
From eyes so melancholy
a spirit broken by a wrecking ball
Back, and forth it swings
one hit after the next
Beating down the innocence
no time for proper reflex
Bloodied, bruised, and shattered
sobbing on the ground
Is it even worth it, anymore
to go another round
So tired your mind has become
yet, restless it remains
Debating your surrender
yet, unable to hide your disdain
Once again, you’re up
this battlefield, your home
Defend it, you have no choice
but you will never fight alone

©️Unapologetically Me


Published by SeekSolaceInWords

😏 You won’t like it, here. It’s dark. 😏 😌I am unapologetically me. Embrace me, or, let me go. 😌

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