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I’m Alone… #Rhyme #Unapologetic

Surrounded by peopleand still, I despair Lost beneath the steepleof a demon-filled lair.Laughter rings throughoutmaniacal in its sound Forced from comfort, with a shoutleft alone, cold, and bound.Where once I called home‘twas bright with love Has now been thrown into the pits, from above.Darkening my doorway an emotion, so profoundNo room for blessed leewaysimply shovedContinue reading “I’m Alone… #Rhyme #Unapologetic”

Disproportionate Thoroughfare #Rhyme #Unapologetic

An already wounded heartflutters in my chest An onslaught of severe emotionsanxiety, and depression’s, best.A love so deeply felt nestled beneath my bosomA lazy smile appears thoughts so pure, and wholesome.Faster than the speed of sound misery does appear A seismic wave of mourning internal cries pierce my ears.A vortex of desperationsweeps into my pathContinue reading “Disproportionate Thoroughfare #Rhyme #Unapologetic”

The Wrong Reset #FreeVerse #Unapologetic

——————————— Sitting in solemn thoughtruminative emotions flowlavishly weaving its web- Snaring me in uneaseaccumulating feelings of blacknessumbra shapes haunting my peace- Chaos invading my meditationmy eyes sweep my areaslowly studying my surroundings- It’s happening againall-consuming darknessdisrupting my light- Creating shadows of doubt casting silhouettes of demonsdevouring my progress- Degrading my accomplishmentsbelittling my successes bringing meContinue reading “The Wrong Reset #FreeVerse #Unapologetic”