The Wrong Reset #FreeVerse #Unapologetic

***Shoutout to my soul sister for helping me with the title! Also, this one is for those that suffer with PTSD, MST, anxiety, depression, etc.***


Sitting in solemn thought
ruminative emotions flow
lavishly weaving its web-

Snaring me in unease
accumulating feelings of blackness
umbra shapes haunting my peace-

Chaos invading my meditation
my eyes sweep my area
slowly studying my surroundings-

It’s happening again
all-consuming darkness
disrupting my light-

Creating shadows of doubt
casting silhouettes of demons
devouring my progress-

Degrading my accomplishments
belittling my successes
bringing me to my knees-

Exposing my vulnerabilities
utterly destroying my strengths
magnifying my weaknesses-

Blasting my paradise to smithereens
leaving me in a pile of brokenness
crawling back to step one-

©️Unapologetically Me

Published by SeekSolaceInWords

😏 You won’t like it, here. It’s dark. 😏 😌I am unapologetically me. Embrace me, or, let me go. 😌

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