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A Mother’s Love #Rhyme #Unapologetic

*** I love being your Mother. ***

Cuddled in my lap
all three feet plus of you
My once tiny baby
is growing through and through
Time will not slow down
if anything, it flies
Speed of light, relentlessly
barely time to cry
Happy tears for your successes
sad tears for your pains
Boo-boo’s I have to kiss
monsters that I’ve slain
My child, you’re growing fast
one milestone after another
Embracing bittersweet emotions
that come with being your Mother
I love you.

©️Unapologetically Me


Ocean’s Bottom #FreeVerse #Unapologetic

*** I’m okay, y’all. This is just a musing on perspective. My perspective of someone who’s losing hope. ***

D r o w n i n g
My head is barely above water
S l o w l y
I fall below the surface
S i n k i n g
But the panic doesn’t come
W a t c h i n g
As the surface disappears
S e r e n i t y
Eases the raging waves
C h a o s
Slowly becomes quiet in my head
D a r k e r
Depth erases the light
B l a c k n e s s
Surrounds me as I drift away
E m b r a c e d
By the water’s undertow
P a i n
Disappears, releasing my chains
E t e r n i t y
Looks a lot better unbound

©️Unapologetically Me

The Wrong Reset #FreeVerse #Unapologetic

***Shoutout to my soul sister for helping me with the title! Also, this one is for those that suffer with PTSD, MST, anxiety, depression, etc.***


Sitting in solemn thought
ruminative emotions flow
lavishly weaving its web-

Snaring me in unease
accumulating feelings of blackness
umbra shapes haunting my peace-

Chaos invading my meditation
my eyes sweep my area
slowly studying my surroundings-

It’s happening again
all-consuming darkness
disrupting my light-

Creating shadows of doubt
casting silhouettes of demons
devouring my progress-

Degrading my accomplishments
belittling my successes
bringing me to my knees-

Exposing my vulnerabilities
utterly destroying my strengths
magnifying my weaknesses-

Blasting my paradise to smithereens
leaving me in a pile of brokenness
crawling back to step one-

©️Unapologetically Me

Coffee Over Ice

Bitter, with a hint of sweet
a relief to the tongue.
Flowing over antsy tastebuds,
excitement for what’s to come.

Ninety two days, meteorologically
Heaven does exist.
Spring and Summer hold the key
to my palate’s happiness.

Blessedly cold libations of love
surround my smiling heart.
A cocoon of creamy brown liquid
mouthwatering from the start.

©️Unapologetically Me

Season of Storms

A presence that must be known
so thunder does boom.
A true first of the season
like a flower in bloom.

Awaiting in silent beauty
for any sort of sign,
To appear out of nowhere
its time to shine.

Burst open, it does
saturating the land.
As the sky does fall
and lightning lends a hand.

Dangerous beauty does come
startling the dead.
As the sky lights up
and we jolt from bed.

©️Unapologetically Me

I Almost Died #FreeVerse #Unapologetic

Sleeping over the side table
Breathing stops
Startled awake
Gasping for breath
Heart beats in overtime
Air almost impossible
A screaming back
An aching left arm
At 29 years of age
I almost died.
That time I almost died;
I was told that I was gray.
My lips were turning blue.
Knocking on deaths door.
I was having a silent heart attack.
15 pounds of fluid on my lungs.
Of which was caused by heart failure.
Of which was caused by a virus.
A virus that attacked my heart.
For life, I am on meds.
They’re keeping me alive.
I can never forget that time
I almost died.

©️Unapologetically Me

One Love #Rhyme #Unapologetic

I wish
I could believe
In what is meant to be
It’s harder than you think
When nothing is
Meant for me
I don’t
Wish upon a star
I just watch them twinkling
Head above the clouds
They show me
My reality
I just
Live for every day
Celebrating with my breaths
Breathing in my essence
Holding on until
Nothing’s left

©️Unapologetically Me

The Thaw #Rhyme #Unapologetic

Backyard beachin’
a sun that shines
The breeze keeps it comfortable
the sprinkler whines
Laughter rings out
a melodious tune
The innocence of a child
healing Winter blues
Vibing to the rhythm
of Springtime’s beat
Days of warmth
embraced by the heat

©️Unapologetically Me

Poetry Lesson… Please Read… Real Discussion Stuff… #SendHelp

Teach me something. For my more traditional poetry writers, hell, even the more modern one’s, I have questions.

Is there any way to break down, in lamens terms, the similarities, and differences, between stressed, and unstressed syllables?

I’m attaching a picture. If anyone is willing , and doesn’t mind, can we break this down for me? I have realized that, while I’ve written many poems, I couldn’t tell you what any of this, in the picture, means.

Also, I want to know, because I want to be more educated when it comes to writing poetry.

Thanks Poets, and Poetess’. Y’all are the real MVPs!