Heart Failure #NotAPoem #Unapologetic

😩 I have to get a heart biopsy next week. I am NOT okay! 😩 All the positive vibes, please.

Published by SeekSolaceInWords

😏 You won’t like it, here. It’s dark. 😏 😌I am unapologetically me. Embrace me, or, let me go. 😌

10 thoughts on “Heart Failure #NotAPoem #Unapologetic

      1. Well, I went to th me ER in October of 2019 with what I thought was a chest cold. Come to find out, it was heart failure. The cold I thought I had, was viral, and attacked my heart. After that, my heart started failing and I was holding on to fluid. Ended up there were 15 pounds of fluid around my heart. Thus began my heart failure journey. I am 29, with a wearable defibrillator, preparing to be evaluate for a heart pump or heart transplant, to hopefully give me a better quality of life. My quality of life right now, absolutely sucks.

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      2. Oh fuck dude…. I’m so sorry to hear that. Sending virtual love and hugs to you. Feel free to reach out if you need to vent or whatever.
        I hope the doctors down there can find a solution for you sooner rather than later. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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