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Defeated #Rhyme #Unapologetic

Masked by gradient angles My downward spiral has begun My brakes have failed to work I start to come undone Panic seizes my senses My mind begins to flail Chaotic thoughts start flying I live amongst my Hell Maniacal laughter follows Like nails upon a board Deafening is the screech Pulverizing my vocal chords MyContinue reading “Defeated #Rhyme #Unapologetic”

Beast of Burden #Rhyme #Unapologetic

A moon that’s full, and red//Emotions on high alert//Lost in chaotic thought//Consumed by pain, and hurt Summoning my demons//Dancing beneath its red glow//Bringing forth a simmering fire//An inferno, about to explode As flames lick my skin//Like talons that rip into flesh//A whimper leaves my parted lips//As I shiver beneath its caress A blinding flash ofContinue reading “Beast of Burden #Rhyme #Unapologetic”