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Seducing Darkness #FreeVerse #Unapologetic

Enticed, and entranced
Bewitched by your stare
The scent of your excitement
Wafts into my proximity

I can feel the change
My body begins to heat
My pupils dilate
My jaw ticks

Violently clinching fists
As eyes move over curves
Skin stained passionate pink
Plump, parted lips

Pulse, hammering in elegant neck
Voluptuous beauty
Awakening my beast
Heart beats to your rhythm

Swaying hips
Crazed passion, consumes
Soft, pliant body
Hard, throbbing shaft

Sinking into her depths
Sounds of her ecstasy
My grip tightens, bruising
Growling my own release

Harsh breathing
Cotton mouth
Adrenaline-laden veins
Awakened to emptiness

©️Unapologetically Me


Published by SeekSolaceInWords

😏 You won’t like it, here. It’s dark. 😏 😌I am unapologetically me. Embrace me, or, let me go. 😌

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