Purging Toxicity #Rhyme #Unapologetic

Out with the old Though memories linger Without such memoirs Absent are harbingers To live, is to learn You grow through pain Lessons are important For knowledge to be gained Rest in my past Although, I wish you well From here, I move forward Released from your toxic spell ©️Unapologetically Me

Shadows of Emotion #FreeVerse #Unapologetic

I give the shadows, a voice The darkness wants to be heard The gloom, and doom, want to sing The shade, it wants to dance Tenebrosity in twilight Melancholic tunes Caliginous existence They just want to be understood Loved for their dullness Accepted for their authenticity Everyone feels their presence Yet, they remain ignored TheyContinue reading “Shadows of Emotion #FreeVerse #Unapologetic”

Masochism #FreeVerse #Unapologetic

A slow, methodical, exploration Tantalizing my skin Teasing my curiosity A contrast of soft, and sharp A toss-up, between cold, and hot An onslaught of manic emotion Cosmic hope, vs, immense fear A battle of morality As it travels up my spine A whimper leaves my lips My head starts to spin A fascination, comeContinue reading “Masochism #FreeVerse #Unapologetic”

Gone #Rhyme #Unapologetic

My light, was lost//Away, with my soul, it went//What once was the sunshine//To Hell, my smile was sent . Laughter became foreign//Tears became the norm//The light that lived within//Became darkened by the storm . My steady, inner turmoil//Consumed my every thought//No longer could I function//Peace, was all I sought . Once my light was gone//AContinue reading “Gone #Rhyme #Unapologetic”

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